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While closely related to the 'RC' racing version of our 100 mm rear wheel travel machine, the more trail biased NINETY-SIX has longer forks, more powerful brakes and aggressive tyres so it loves big open hills, challenging climbs and gnarly descents. It doesn't shy away from flexing its muscles in front of the trail and enduro bike fraternity either.





NINETY-SIX 8000 - $8,999

The NINETY-SIX is the new and exciting reincarnation of our former World Cup proven XC and marathon machine. It inherits the forward-surging race genes of the old NINETY-SIX and combines it with a new readiness and ability to tackle today’s demanding XC and marathon courses. The carbon fibre frame platform and P-FLEX suspension is the perfect basis for a fun-packed, fast and trail loving short travel full suspension machine that helps define what a modern cross country race bike should be. It's able to take on the rougher than ever world-class race tracks as well as the trail riders who want hyper-speed climbing with the ability to descent like never before. If you're after lightning quick climbing with downhill 'downcountry' capability, this model comes with a longer 120 mm travel fork more aggressive tyres and a more powerful front brake compared to our race-focussed 'RC' models.


NINETY-SIX 7000 - $7,999.00

There used to be a time when you had to choose between trail bike performance and cross-country race ready weight. Not any more. Say hello to the NINETY-SIX 7000. It builds on the speedy genes of our short travel race winner with a CF4 carbon frame and adds a whole new layer of capability thanks to a longer travel 120 mm SID Ultimate fork paired to 100 mm out back. Add in more aggressive tyres and larger four piston front brake and you're ready to rock.


NINETY-SIX 6000 - $5,999.00

You want to hit the trails at full gas, whether they're up or down - and you want to do it all day. The NINETY-SIX 6000 is our trail-focussed version of our cutting edge cross-country race weapon, pairing a longer travel 120 mm RockShox SID fork to our taut but effective 100 mm of rear travel. A Shimano 12-speed XT and SLX group translates effort into speed, while a larger four-piston front brake and more aggressive tyres will back you up when you hit territory that should be out of bounds for a bike that climbs so well.


Merida Ninety-Six

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