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Enduro or trail? Quick trail session or an all-day outing over big hills? Our new ONE-FORTY delivers on all fronts. A newly developed suspension platform paired with a completely overhauled geometry makes our all-mountain bike super capable on the downs and surprisingly spritely on the ups. If you are looking for big-ride versatility, look no further.


The new ONE-FORTY is the ultimate trail bike, made for the toughest trails in the world. It’s the pinnacle of modern trail riding, with a super-steep 80° seat angle, low front end and bottom bracket allow it to clear the most technical climbs, while longer reach figures across all sizes and a well-balanced 65° head angle mean it’s still more than capable of ripping any descent. With our new sizing system, riders can run a longer or shorter reach frame independently of their height, with suspension that becomes more progressive as you size up to better cope with heav