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Hope Legendary quality and performance now in the upgraded Tech4 spec. 


Perfect for your trail or enduro bike where modulation and power are key.


Overstock special 2 sets only.


Kit Contains

  • Both Front and Rear brake lever and caliper. Prebled.
  • Includes brake pads.
  • Does not include rotor.


The all-new Tech 4 E4 builds on Hope's 25+ years of experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic brake systems. The Tech 4 uses all-new internal sealing for reduced friction and the pivot spins on roller bearings, allowing the spring rate to be reduced. The lower spring rate gives a lighter lever action, reducing rider fatigue and keeping our legendary feel and modulation. The updated E4 caliper utilises hybrid-style Stainless steel pistons with a phenolic insert allowing for smoother movement and less maintenance, while still being able to manage high temperatures without heat transfer during extreme use.

Key Features

  • Increased power versus Tech 3
  • Lever shape updated to provide a more ergonomic shape orientated to provide the best mechanical advantage during braking.
  • Hinged clamp reducing weight and ergonomics
  • Shifter integration improved for more adjustability
  • Tool-free bite point and reach adjustments
  • Hybrid piston design
  • Rigid CNC'd one-piece caliper
  • Compatible with a wider range of current shifter options

Tech 4 E4 Brake Set

$840.00 Regular Price
$699.00Sale Price
GST Included
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