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Intense Mountain Bikes Now @Coastal bike Co

Intense cycles have a racing heritage like no other brand. Founder Jeff Steber has been responsible for the design and construction of some of the most iconic mountain bikes ever built. From the all conquering M1 through to todays World Cup M29 race bike. Intense has been at the forefront of Mountain biking in both racing and as a performance dedicated company.

Todays lineup of Intense bikes stays true to the quest for maximum performance for every rider, whilst offering incredible value.




The Intense M1

Returning shortly!

We are stoked to see the Intense M1 returning to downhill racing. An unmatched race legacy returns!

Intense Tracer Tan.png


The Intense Tracer

The INTENSE Tracer 279 Enduro bike has been completely reengineered for 2022. With 170mm (6.7”) of travel and a staggered wheelset (29” front/ 27.5” rear), we have created a bike that is stable and capable while also fast, fun, and agile.

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The Intense Tazer

The beauty of the Tazer is that all of the weight is carried low down in the middle of the bike, what this means is that the center of gravity is lower making the bike turn and grip amazingly. The position of the weight also gives the bike a solid and planted feel, it is stable and precise, and carries speed like nothing on earth. Add to that geometry that puts you in a natural position and you get perfect weight distribution to the front and rear wheels.



The Intense Primer

Our 140mm/150mm travel Primer 29 trail bike is pure perfection… everywhere. Rolling on super-fast 29” wheels the Primer 29 will give you trail-flattening speed over any obstacle, both on tough climbs and technical descents. In short, the Primer 29 is the ultimate all-round premium trail bike. It could be the only mountain bike you’ll ever need.

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Cross Country

The Intense Sniper

With the Sniper T we have created a pure full-suspension cross-country trail bike with a true INTENSE spirit. It features a super lightweight full carbon frame, rolling on 29” wheels, with progressive XC trail geometry.

Available as the Sniper FRO, Sniper T & Sniper XC. Allowing you to chase podiums and PR's

intense 951 trail montage.png


Intense 951 Series

Intense 951 Series bikes offer all the performance of their Intense big brothers at a more accessible price point. 951 Series bikes have to be the best bang for your buck performance bikes on the market. Utilising Intenses Sniper & Primer frames with a more value orientated parts pick. These bikes offer performance far beyond their price point


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