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Fantic E-Bikes


Fantic offer the only true long travel downhill rated E-bikes on the market. Derived from their extensive knowledge and R&D from the motorcycles division, Fantic E-Bikes have the hard hitting big travel bike dialled!

Fantic Bikes are renowned for their supple bottomless travel that retains composure in the roughest and most demanding terrain. This coupled with the Brose 90NM motor makes the Fantic the perfect companion for big days, plenty of vert and conquering serious terrain.

Finance available on these awesome bikes!

Fantic 2.0.png

Fantic 2.0 XXF



200 mm travel on both, front and rear, these bikes are built for an aggressive decent.

Fully suspended for maximum shock absorption on both models with the factory characterised by its carbon seatstay.


These high performance lightweight and robust constructions will guarantee driving effeciency and extraodinary speed.

Fantic 1.9 XEF



The natural descent legend-the enduro range displays 2 models, both having 190 mm travel.

Engineered for those searching for a pleasant mix between power and agile, reliable on steep and bumpy matching its distance focused battery with 720WH!

Fantic 1.9.png
Fantic 1.7.png

Fantic 1.7 XMF



Engineering a perfect balance between downhill performance and uphill pedaling, the 170 mm travel will get you there.


Offered in a carbon frame for you and an aluminium frame for your mate, riding every type of trail and path is simple, even those looking for a little elevation gain with a more challenging descent!

Fantic 1.5 XTF



150 mm travel goes the distance, backed by the 720Wh battery that ensures strong uphill asstiance with a long lasted life to get you home - The trail range is designed for everyone in mind.

Fantic 1.5.png

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