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Save between $1500 and $2500 on Yeti's Epic E-bike


Yes this does not happen often, so its time to fulfil that Yeti urge. Get hold of what is simply the ultimate expression of mountain biking performance! Sale time is strictly limited so get in quick!


These are the speed machines. Born screaming out of a research and development gauntlet known as the race course. Bikes designed to be whipped past the point of sanity on the regular. Temporarily disregarded while temporarily insane – driven mad to milk out the best result of your life. Bikes forged in a cauldron where passion and pressure alchemize with three and a half decades of bolting on race plates and bleeding, sweating and tearing. Possessed by the pursuit of speed. Forged by the truth of competition.


Why did it take Yeti Cycles so long to make the 160E? They took the time to explore and build the 160E on an all new suspension platform, called Sixfinity™. A ground breaking design with infinite tunability, Sixfinity™ also allows Yeti Cycles to address the added power, weight and unique demands of an e-bike. This is the first e-bike build for racing. The 160E breaks new ground.



– New E exclusive Sixfinity™ suspension platform, Patent pending
– 6-Bar linkage
– Lower link switches direction similar to Switch Infinity
– Sixfinity™ can be tuned to have our desired ride characteristics while accommodating the weight and speed that comes with a motor and battery
– The Sixfinity™ suspension layout allows for a stiff supportive chassis for the added E-MTB mass
– First Sixfinity™ platform prototype developed in 2016


E-MTB Features

– 630-Watt hour battery stock in C and T series builds
– Stock Shimano battery for hassle free worldwide support
– Semi Integrated battery provides for hassle free off the bike charging
– Remote charging port on the non-drive side
– EM-800 mode switch stock in C and T series builds
– EM-800 full colour display stock in C and T series builds
– Bluetooth capable for integration with a phone or GPS
– NEW Yeti thermoplastic handlebar with integrated wiring for hassle free use and a clean aesthetic
– Wire management in Downtube for ease of use
– Max system weight 130KG
– ASTM 4 rating





QUICK GEO: Head tube angle – 64.5 degrees
Seat tube angle – 78 degrees

Seat stay length – 446mm

Tire clearance – 2.6″

WARRANTY: Lifetime on frame


- Carbon Wheelset Upgrade available to DT EXC 1501. Contact us for price upgrades.

- Ride Wrap Available

- Finance Available:



Yeti 160 E

GST Included
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